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#happykwangyoungday mv; color analysis (inspired by: ofabeautifulnight)

Pride of Boyfriend; Happy 20th Birthday to the twins, Youngmin & Kwangmin. 

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❤Happy Birthday Youngmin & Kwangmin ヽ(*^ー^)人(^ー^*)ノ

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to Youngmin & Kwangmin~ ( 〃・ω・〃)

I can’t remember how many nights I’ve spent thinking of you, wishing you the best and wanting you to succeed on your life. I just want you, my precious boy, and I wanna see you happy, loving and living every single one of your dreams.

I am proud of you. You started when you were a child, and indeed you reached one of your biggest dreams. This makes of you an inspiration to me; I shall not get wasted for the times I failed, but instead, I must keep looking at the sky and keep doing my plans to fulfill my dreams too. Just like you did.

Oh, my precious boy, I love you. I love you and everything you do. You show me I can pursuit and have all that I want, I just need to be focused. You show me, on your unique way, the world still has good things to give to everyone. Actually, you give me hope. You make me believe good things are coming.

I’m not good on putting my feelings on a text. But I want you to know you have my heart with you. If I am alive, you are not alone. You are special to me, and all I wish for you is a merry life, and a long one. A life full of dreams and good things. Congratulations for being who you are, and thanks for being born.

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B.FKwangmin Ah.. I can’t do it……-_-

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B.FKwangmin No… I’m talking about the 1000th day Interview video…… No but, how do I show my aegyo on a selca???!!

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